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"The reason why I really love the Big Brother Mentor Program is because it really help me go through a lot of trials.  The BBMP feels like home to me.  I learned about the grace of God and what he has done for us."

Bro. Isaiah M. Cowan, June 2018


For starters my life has had ups and downs because I didn't have a father.  I found myself doing things I couldn't see myself doing.  But then they introduced me to this mentor program and it has changed my life in a vast way. 

At first I really didn't like this place at all because I thought that these were a bunch of grown men trying to take over my life and tell me what to do all the time, but I was wrong.  They have taught me that even if your father is not in your life, you can still be on the right track by following God, because through him anything is possible.  

I encourage others without fathers to come here.  You may think that they will tell you what to do and you won't learn anything, but if you think that, you're wrong!  The mentor program will change your life, both naturally and spiritually. 

Bro. Dorian, June 2018

Big Brother Mentor Program has been a true blessing for my family.  I am a single mom with 3 boys, ages 13 and two 15 year olds.  When we started three years ago, my boys were missing out on the basics that fathers are suppose to teach their sons.  As a mom I am proud of my teachings which I've passed on to each of them.  However, I knew they were missing out on the things that could only be provided by someone that has walked in their shoes. 


Since my sons joined, I've seen great growth and much happier young men.  The program welcomed them with open arms and have been available to them every Saturday as well as any other day they needed.  They're learning about proper hygiene, how to be respectable young men, how to carry themselves but most importantly how to apply the Word of God.

I will continue to be a supporter of the program.

Annoymous, June 2018

My family and I want to take a moment to express our gratitude for the sacrifices of your time, energy and personal resources you invested in the lives of our sons.  It so happens that the Big Brother Mentor Program was born the very summer my oldest son was turning 13.  As a single mom with two sons, I was very concerned about their exposure to the ways of the world outside of our home and church influences. 


Sis. Anita Hoover, June 2018 

Big Brother Mentoring Program

Makes Big Impact

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Big Brother Mentor Program mentee, Jeremiah Brown, briefly shares how the program has impacted his life.

20th Year Big Brother Mentor Reunion Luncheon 

July 2014


A snapshot of the major impact that positive mentoring can have on a child's life.  Monday, NBC 5 learned about the Big Brother mentor program.  It's a church based organization that has been positively impacting lives for more than 23 years.  LeeAnn Trotter reports.


(Published Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017)

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The B.B.M.P. has done so much for me and my family.  I was a member of the program from 2007-2014; these were some of the best years of my life.  I have so many great memories of fellowship, community and brotherhood. 


The program help young boys become men and instills a sense of purpose and relationship with God.  The mentors are exceptional men who taught many valuable lessons about themselves as well as the world at large.  The foundation of the program is rooted in Christian belief, African American culture and redefining masculinity. 


There were so many adventures to fun events, such as:  out of state camp, downtown movie theaters and Chicago bull basketball games.  The program also provides many educational events, like career day, where we would go downtown and meet professional people and a hardware workshop where we would build our own furniture which I still use to this day.

The Big Brother mentor Program (B.B.M.P.) would not be where it is, if not for the founder and great leadership of Brother Darrell Crater.  With his hard work and dedication to the mentors and mentees down through the years, Brother Crater has become a light to the program and his community.  I am truly honored to be a part of the program with him.  I am so blessed and thankful to the Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church that allowed this program to exist and furthermore I do not know where I would be without this program, it's one of the best decisions I made in my life.

Bro. Daniel Owens, July 2018

The Big Brother Mentors Program is an educational & motivational program for adolescent males, as well as a fun outlet. There are many advantages for those that are involved in the program. The primary advantage of this program is learning the word of GOD, and how to grow gracefully in Christ as young men. 

Bro. Andrei Evbuoma, July 2004

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