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Darryl Crater



Darryl Crater began working in 1969 at the early age of 16. He started out as a "bagger" at the grocery food store A & P and was promoted to frozen food manager two years later. Shortly afterwards, he was promoted to the manager of the frozen food department. A year later, Darryl was promoted to the manager of the perishable department due to a work ethic like no other, energy and his ability to lead.

The store management recognized Darryl's potential to make greater contributions to their operations and asked him to shadow them and promoted him to the position of Assistant Store Manager. He worked at A & P for seven years and obtained employment at Jewel Food Store as participant in their exclusive Management Training Program. Darryl started as the Night Crew Chief and received numerous promotions where he had direct oversight of the entire store operations in the capacity of Assistant Store Manager.


After working thirteen years for Jewel Food Store, Darryl was hired as a Route Sales Driver for Frito Lay Inc. a subsidiary of PepsiCo. As a Route Driver, Darryl was responsible for quick and efficient delivery of goods, maintaining and increasing stock, establishing and enhancing customer relations. Darryl's routes included some of the toughest city neighborhoods and received numerous accolades during his 27-year tenure with Frito Lay. In 2012, Darryl received Frito Lays prestigious Legacy award. Darryl Crater has worked for 47 years and has directed the  Crater Big Brother Mentor Program for 25 years.

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