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What is C.B.B.M.P?

The Crater Big Brother Mentor Program (CBBMP) is a mentoring program endeavoring to make a difference in the lives of young men between the ages of 8-18, as well as the community, by providing mentorship, educational opportunities and life skills.

CBBMP's luminous mentees have gone on to make major societal contributions in a variety of fields including education, entertainment, and communication.  Some of their storied careers include teacher, meteorologist, an ABC camera operator and much more!


The Six P's Principle

Proper preparation and practice will prevent poor performance.


Definition: of the required type; suitable or appropriate.

Our Mission

CBBMP understands the importance of having positive male role models in the lives of young men.  We develop activities to inspire, educate and motivate youth into becoming goal orientated morally and spiritually conscientious individuals.

Our Method

  • Empower the youth with skills of conflict resolution

  • Promote cultural awareness and tolerance

  • Develop strong relationships rooted deeply in family, school, work and community values

  • Assist youth in discovering their natural and spiritual talents


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower youth through guidance in spiritual, academic, mental and social strengths.  To promote cultural awareness and appreciation.  To instill values of responsibility for oneself and community.  Reconnect/Develop stronger relationships within the family structure and bridge the "Generation Gap".  To encourage youth to aspire to and achieve personal goals.  Extract talents and special interests of youth and develop relationships with Mentors based on trust factors.


20000 Lakewood Avenue 

Lynwood, IL, USA 60411

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Crater Big Brother Mentor Program is a 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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